it's me, Cas!

I am here to help
you find your potential (again)!

Did you know

that worrying

is using your


for something

you do not want?

Did you know

that the one

who takes action

is willingly


for happiness?

Did you know

that you

can be

trained in

catching toxic




Video Call
Live Session


I coach internationally clients via Zoom/Teams/Skype.



Whatsapp coaching on weekdays - maximum of 10 messages per day.

One hour

Wherever you want to go

Walks are only available in Amsterdam.


special company packages

Customize services



Invest in yourself!

No fixed hourly rates. Only you -as my client- can determine how much you can spend and how much my coaching is worth to you.

  • We do an intake session where we get to know each other and where we talk about expectations.
  • The intake session with me is always free of charge.
  • If you find me and my style to match with you, you email me with your proposal and then I decide if I can be your coach.
  • Coaching has a minimum of 10 sessions.
  • Sessions run between 60 and 90 minutes per session.


How clients rate me


That’s what you will get working with Cas. If like me, you haven’t had the benefit of an effective mentor or coach, someone really investing in your life, he is heavily invested in you. He is on your team while guiding you in new responses and behaviors that get you where you want to go in your life and work.

Out of the blue

Cas offered his assistance to me and it was exactly what I needed. Someone to take you by the hand and lovingly help you navigate. We started walking and those walks have helped me tremendously. They provided me with a routine and a rhythm I needed so very much. the fact that Cas listened so carefully to me gave me rest and safety.

It was meant to be

As if it was meant to be, Cas came into my life. We started having beautiful talks in which he held up -the proverbial- mirror that provided me with insight into how I myself viewed what was happening in my life. This enabled me to put things in a different perspective that led to a more positive outlook. Cas has a great talent that enables him to give you the safe feeling that in the talks you can truly be yourself in the talks. He challenges you to reflect and how to word things. It gives you a tremendous feeling of self-worth and self-confidence.

Highly recommended!

When we, my granddaughter and I, could use help Cas appeared in our lives. It was as if it was meant to be. Due to the talks with Cas, we were able to learn to better look at and listen to ourselves and view ourselves different. And the belief in what we are in our core grew. Questions we asked were answered in all honesty. To sum it up, a wonderful coach for those in need.

I made progress

I was going thru a dark period and then suddenly there was Cas recommended by my grandmother. He showed me how I acted and reacted and showed me how I could listen to myself. He held up a mirror. I could share anything with im because he always listened. In 3 months working with Cas, I made progress. So I highly recommend Cas to anyone who needs it.

As my second voice

After bouncing between therapists for about three years, with none of them knowing what to do with me, a chance encounter put me in contact with Cas and I decided that a different approach might work better for me. I've left many therapy sessions just feeling miserable, but every session with Cas left me feeling more positive and left me things to ponder. I actually felt listened to. I've made more progress in life in the last month than I have in a long time - and it feels good.

Now I understand!

Imagine a good friend sits with you and allows you to talk openly about the way you feel about your important relationships, passions, disappointments, and joys without judgment. Now imagine that friend asks you important questions and “holds up a mirror” allowing you to see it all in a different way. Imagine he cheers you on, helps you to dig deep and, quite literally, find yourself.

profound changes

Never expected to notice such profound changes in such a short a time! Cas and I agreed to meet each other weekly in the Vondelpark for a “Walk & Talk session” (as I started to call our meetings). It was only our seventh session when I seemed to make a click in my head: I was able to view in a different way certain patterns that had remained from my childhood and still affected my current life. Things I was able to understand with my brain now made sense emotionally as well. Cas helped me to get rid of a lot of unnecessary baggage. Now I feel lighter, freer, more energetic and I am soooo much nicer to myself.

My Education

I am Cas Mesterom

And I work as A Professional Coach

I am a quailty-certified & experienced coach thru ICM educator - EQA practitioner - accredited with NOBCO*
(* = Dutch national organization for professional coaching & accompanied by StiR quality mark).

Educated by life & educated* at University of Utrecht (* = degree).

I have worked for international companies, I have been a free lancer and I am now self employed.

I have been in a long-term relationship and I have lived through a divorce.

I have felt like there was no hope and I got up and kept going.

All of this makes me qualified to say "I can be your topnotch coach."


The first step is often the hardest to take.

"How do I start the email? What am I going to write? What is it I want?"

It doesn't matter how you express yourself. Concise or lengthy, to the point or incoherent! It is all good! I am proud of you for sending a first message!

That first step starts here on the left.

Feel yourself invited.


A book full of quotes that I want to gift to you.

It contains of 50 quotes that were inspired by actual conversations I had with my clients.

And to them I say, thank you for inspiring me!

It was designed for optimal reading pleasure on your mobile device.

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